Sunday, February 3, 2008

The internet is here!

I finally got my internet service installed yesterday. The service isn't as fast as the DSL in Illinios, but still way faster than dial-up. Been getting two months of security upgrades installed from Windows Update. Also installed free fire wall and anti-virus software. So more posts will be forthcoming.


Paul K said...

Welcome back from the stone age! Just curious, what speeds are you getting there and what is the cost? (As I am in the business, I am always hearing how much better internet service is in Europe!)

Paul Kriston

Mike said...

Not sure but it feels a little slower than my regular DSL from Ameritech. I'm not sure how much it will cost but I'm told about 30 to 40 Euros (45-60 USD) for Internet and VOIP phone. I'm using the big Austrian Cable provider UPC Telekabel.

As a United Nations employee, I got the 70 Euro installation fee waived and UPC is having a promo so this year I will get 3 months free on my one year contract. I'll give you more details when I get my first bill later this month.

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